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Keeping Family and Business Separate

In a recent episode of Grey’s Anatomy, I noticed that two of the characters are married, and also work together in a boss/employee relationship.  (Note that we do not recommend this as a “best practice”).  The characters make an agreement which they term “Church and State” – ergo keeping work and family/home life separate. The […]

Training for Financial Success

  When someone is acting in a play, they spend hours and hours reviewing lines, doing dress rehearsals, and even have an understudy who can back them up in case of any emergencies.  Similarly, when athletes prepare to compete in a sporting event, they spend countless hours training, practicing skills, plays, and building team trust […]

Family Business Transfers Wealth to the Next Generation

Published in “The Globe and Mail,” June 2, 2015 Jacoline Loewen, UBS Growing up in a family business can have its benefits. But if the next generation of owners think their businesses are there to serve them (and not the other way around), they are sure to suffer a decline in fortune and status. Rob […]

What Are Your Ownership Values

Values should always guide your decisions. Our family values shape our business values. Take 3 minutes to analyze your ownership values and prepare for the influence they will have on your ownership behaviours as well as in aligning the past, present and future generations. WATCH VIDEO Source: Business Families Foundation

Succession planning: How to get full value for your business

Everyone who operates a company will eventually reach a point when they will have to leave the business because of age or health concerns. This could mean retirement, sale or simply winding up the firm and closing it down. Collectively these are known as exit strategies, and every business owner should have one. Yet many […]

Financial Disclosure = Increased Engagement

When I am preparing parents for their first family business meeting, the biggest issue they face is deciding how much to disclose to the kids about the size and composition of the family wealth. Let’s face it, in our society money is one of the most private and secretive topics. Most parents don’t want their […]

Talking about Money with Family – What’s the Big Deal Anyway?

Financial success brings its own set of challenges to family life and parenting. Time and again as we work with our clients in planning for wealth transition we find the most common barrier to solid planning is the lack of clear, comfortable communication around money topics. Parents worry that their kids may lack the skills […]